A bit about me!

I feel that I’m a versatile designer who can and has worked across many areas of graphic design from front end web design, email campaign design, signage, all types of printed marketing material, newspaper design & layout, animation, video editing as well as managing an internal and external design team.

I’m also very interested in IT and get involved in the backend development of the website design as well as the odd database and IT infrastructure projects.

I like to think people would say the I’m a designer who’s a jack of all trades and hopefully a master of some.

What i can do?

Here is a list of icons of software and code I can use as I don’t want to have type them all out, I think people do this as it looks better and is easier but I had to create them all in illustrator and create a load of icons in different colours so it probably would have been easier to have just typed them our hay ho its done now.

What I’ve done?

Who let me work for them?